Trill Chicks: Lindsey Kevitch (20 Pics)



Lindsey Kevitch isn’t new to the model scene. She’s been making a name for herself for quite some time.

Lindsey has shot with various photographers and brands, including Terry Richardson. She also starred in this video that went viral last year. But she is probably best known for is this pictures below.


Yep, that’s her. That picture has been reposted on the web countless times.

More pictures of Lindsey Kevitch below:

lindsey-kevitch-boobs-20 lindsey-kevitch-boobs-17 lindsey-kevitch-boobs-16 lindsey-kevitch-boobs-15 lindsey-kevitch-boobs-14 lindsey-kevitch-boobs-12 lindsey-kevitch-boobs-11 lindsey-kevitch-boobs-10 lindsey-kevitch-boobs-9 lindsey-kevitch-boobs-8 lindsey-kevitch-boobs-7 lindsey-kevitch-boobs-6 lindsey-kevitch-boobs-5 lindsey-kevitch-boobs-4 lindsey-kevitch-boobs-3 lindsey-kevitch-boobs-2 lindsey-kevitch-boobs-1

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