Trill Chicks: Ines Helene (30 Pics)


Some girls have perfected the art of the over the shoulder booty pic. Ines Helene is one of those girls. And bless her soul for learning such a valuable talent. It will often make you do a second take when you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed.

Ines Helene is from London and apparently she’s a “business student.” That’s about all anyone seems to know. Anyway, check some of Helene’s best pictures below:

ines-helene-hot-pics6 ines-helene-hot-pics7 ines-helene-hot-pics2 ines-helene-hot-pics3 ines-helene-hot-pics1 ines-helene-hot-pics4 ines-helene-hot-pics5 ines-helene-hot-pics10 ines-helene-hot-pics11 ines-helene-hot-pics9 ines-helene-hot-pics12 ines-helene-hot-pics8 ines-helene-hot-pics14 ines-helene-hot-pics13 ines-helene-hot-pics26 ines-helene-hot-pics15 ines-helene-hot-pics18 ines-helene-hot-pics16 ines-helene-hot-pics17 ines-helene-hot-pics19 ines-helene-hot-pics24 ines-helene-hot-pics25 ines-helene-hot-pics22 ines-helene-hot-pics20 ines-helene-hot-pics21 ines-helene-hot-pics23

Make sure to follow her Ines Helene on Instagram: @ini.helen